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UBGF 2013-2014 Derby Points Posting 03-31-14.pdf

2013-2014 UBGF Derby Points Posting 03-31-14 Reporting Clubs.pdf

“This posting only includes the trials received that happened through the end of March.  The April trials have just been received will not be included here, but will be included in the next few days.

 Please check the club listing below before calling to see if your trial is listed.  If it is not listed, as of today, I do not have the trial results and you will probably want to call the FTS to ask about them.  If your trial is listed and you don't have the points you thought, please contact me.  (I do have Lotts Creek - will be included in next update).”  Thanks!  Whitney

2013-2014 All Age Points Posting 03-26-14.pdf

2013-2014 All Age Points Posting 03-26-14 Reporting Clubs.pdf


UBGF Scholarship App 2014.pdf


United Beagle Gundog Federation Family Member Scholarship Winner 2013

Megan Dyer, daughter of Bill Dyer of Middleport, Ohio and Kathy Dyer of Pomeroy, Ohio.


Butler County Scholarship 2013

Sierra Fields, the daughter of Greg and Michelle Fields of Morgantown, KY. 



2013 All-Age Runoff


UBGF 2013 Two Cpl Pack magazine Ad


UBGF Complete Packet 2013

There are additional items not previously included in the complete packet, please REPRINT!


UBGF Business Meeting August 2013


2013 Derby Results  AKC Entry Form



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